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Product Description:

Nintendo Wii is a home television game console from Nintendo. Unlike the competitive next-gen game consoles it does not excel in graphics, but in extraordinary playability of games and unique control. Nintendo Wii is controlled by wireless controllers held in both hands.

Other information:

It is the first game console which is intended for the whole family and where the target group are also women. Nintendo Wii forced players to get off chairs and begin to move. These are not the apparent exercise games such as Wii Fit, but each game from tennis to bowling. It also allows downloading from the Internet.

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Gamehouse, s.r.o.

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Gamehouse, s.r.o.
Bělehradská 11
Praha 4
140 00

Czech Republic


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Roman Petráček
shop manager Prague 4
Tel.: +420 241 400 901

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Pavel Vašek
shop manager Prague 9
Tel.: +420 281 917 766

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